Resetting Kali Root Password

12 Jan 2014

So I installed a clean VMWare image of Kali and integrated all of my tools into it. I do this so I can just copy a clean version of the virtual machine when starting a new project. Unfortunately I forgot my password. I changed it from "toor" to something else, but didn't know anymore what that something else was. If you want to know how to reset the password on your Kali Linux, then read further.

When booting your machine, make sure to interupt at the grub boot screen. Once grub has loaded select your kernel and press "e". boot You then arrive at the following screen, change "ro" to "rw" and add


at the end of the line: Untitled Then press ctrl+X and let the machine boot. You will drop into a shell. Reset the password with "passwd root": done Now issue the reboot command and you will normally drop to a normal Kali login. You can now log into your root account using whatever password you configured!